Colion Noir Builds A Walther PPK

I can’t say I’ve ever seen this gun being assembled:

It would also be interesting to see one of the Walther employees build one.  The Walther guy mentions at around the 5:30 point in the video, that it typically takes 6 minutes for them to build a PPK.  I can’t image they would be hover-building any of it like NOIR is in the video, but you never know.  From experience, holding something in your hand and trying to hammer it doesn’t really work that well.

Always great to see NOIR thriving.  Despite the fact making content is obviously still “work”, it looks a pretty sweet gig.  YouTube really seems to be suppressing a lot of the vids though… hard to believe someone with 1.85M subscribers would only get 97,000 views on a video in 4 days.