Max Michel Trains Like He Fights

The road to the 7-day IPSC World Shoot in Thailand.  This is awesome:

No wonder Max tears it up when it comes to shooting, the dude is a machine.

So many good quotes in this video, the one at the start has been said before and is so true “People always talk about they cant find time, but it’s about making the time.”

Thoughts?  Sig did a really nice job on this video.  The music, editing, and effects were tasteful and useful.. not overboard or annoying like other brands do.

The only thing I found shocking in this video is that he is working out in what appears to be a cotton or poly-cotton shirt.  You gotta buy an $70 Arcteryx shirt made from technical fiber if you really want to put numbers on the board.  That’s a free tip for you Max.

The video says “Episode 1” on it, so I’m looking forward to the rest of them in the series.