Train Like You Fight – Train Like You Bike

I like where this went:

0:20 – HIM: “Don’t do it at home.. don’t do it on your street”.  ME: *picturing where / when I’m going to try it*

1:11 – This is where the meat & potatoes as they say, begins. 🤣

1:48 – At this point I can’t really tell if the whole “my son asked me a question, and this is what we’ll do” thing is real, or if I’m being trolled and this is actually a joke.

2:32 – My man brought the AR-15 out to play 🤣😭 I’m deceased.

2:40 – THE AUTO GLOCK?!  WHO IS HE?! epic.

3:20 – He really had to flip the AR to auto too huh?  *me over here being poor*

4:34 – I guess it’s lucky that I ride in the mountains (neutral gang territory).

It looks cool and all, but if his center of gravity gets like 1 more inch over that front tire, he’s going to have a bad time.  That could happen so easily too if he hit any sort of rock or uneven ground.

Coming from someone (me) who mountain bikes.. it’s always those pesky BMXers haha.

Thoughts?  So.. this guy is for real with his “I need to be able to fire a round before I can get to them” thing?

Gat tip: Scott S and everyone else who sent it in