Coffee Table With Hidden Compartments For Guns And Other Stuff

😭🤣 the video thumbnail was semi-misleading… I only slightly cringed because it had the signature piehitter-favorite punisher logo.  It was worse than I thought though, because when I clicked I was immediately treated to some threeper bullshit.

0:22 – Ok the key hole hidden behind the eye, push button knot and lever is cool.

The rest of the video is “neat”, but definitely not something I’d ever want.  I collected a lot of different things when I was younger, and it was fun at the the time.  Now I just find owning things I’m not constantly using a waste of space, both mentally and physically.

If you’re in the market for a table like that, the guy doesn’t say how much he charges.. only that you should email him at [email protected] .  I checked, and the website at that address doesn’t have anything useful on it.


Gat tip: JZstudios