A Shitposter And A Prince – Edwin x Royal Homemade .50 BMG Handgun

Edwin Sarkissian x my former-future son Royal Nonesuch:

Good to see Royal Nonsuch still in the mix.  A true legend… if you’re not familiar with his shenanigans, you can search for his name on this site.  Sadly, the videos are probably all removed from YouTube now but you can get the gist of what his deal was.

2:13 – Royal… haha what a mad lad.  His life insurance premiums must be off the charts 😅.


2:42 – “It went right through the pan, both sides.”  LOL oh, who ever could have guessed that would happen? 🤣

Can we all agree that Edwin is a god tier shitposter now?  I got some flack for that years ago when I called him that at the link, and numerous other times.  Granted the comments read like they were written by either Edwin himself, or his mom or auntie.  3.36M subscribers now though I see.. WOW, the man has a fan base. Wait, so you mean to tell me he has more subs than Colion Noir (1.74M) and Military Arms Channel (1.17M) combined?  Is that for real, or some sort of wonky bought subscriber scheme going on?  Honestly he’s really owning the craft, and delivering 2 videos a week like clockwork so maybe that’s the secret?