Kirsten On The Top Three Best Self-Defense Guns

I skip this type of video when it’s not Kirsten doing them:

2:14 – OOOf a Sig P238 with engraving and pearl grips?! I just might have to stop watching at this point.  I was almost sure she would pick a Glock 19… but there’s still hope fellas.

3:53 – Ok ok guys… a Hellcat.  She’s going to pick a G19 still I know it… *holds breath*

4:37 – Scandalous move with those laced up pants.  Without even having the means to check, I can already tell you with 100% conviction that some dude turned the dirt kicking part into a gif and posted it on a niche sub reddit.  That’s literally the only guarantee right now we have in life.

Ok ok so she didn’t end up choosing a G19 at all 😩😭.  I guess I’ve always been a “why reinvent the wheel?” kind of guy.  Like, the G19 exists… does the world really need a bunch of knockoffs with different brand names on them and slightly different styling?