Plastic Defense Documentary

3D printing guns in Europe.  I’m a simple guy… I see a documentary on 3d printed guns, I cut up an apple, make some tea, and I hit play.

Popular Front did a nice job on this.  I first became familiar with them through their instagram page, because they share a lot of shocking footage and interesting pictures from war zones.

I’m always surprised when guys agree to be on camera for something that illegal as long as their voice is distorted.  In Engineering we did all sorts of exercises with images, video, and audio.  Writing code in Matlab to reverse image filters, interpolate pixels on raster images when resized, filter audio.  That was during my undergrad years.  I can only image what types of tools law enforcement and whatever the NSA equivalent in Europe probably have, to use in conjunction with voiceprint data they almost definitely have.  The guy mentioned earlier in the video that he didn’t have anything to lose though… and hopefully since he’s just doing this currently as a hobby there are bigger fish to fry and they leave him alone.

18:50 – Hold up… this man has a suppressor too? haha sweet.  I’m no suppressor aficionado, but it looks like a factory made one doesn’t it?  They don’t mention it at all in the video.  I have heard that those are less of a big deal in other countries, so maybe that’s part of it.

19:45 – Ahhhh come on bruH.  That’s a party foul.  You don’t brass someone like that. Not cool haha.

21:25 – He’s asked about what he thinks about law enforcement trying to find him when the documentary comes out.