P80 Glock Is Back – The OGist of OG GEN1 Glocks

Throwback reproduction straight from Glock Austria.  Whoa this is awesome:

James does his thing and asks the questions that needed to be asked.  I can’t believe Glock didn’t have the original molds… interesting!

The P80 model number initially confused my pea brain because I was like, huh so is this a polymer 80 collab with Glock but Lipsey’s is selling it? (Obviously not the case)

3:05 – My man really had to shoehorn in the fact Larry Vuitton is his homeboy.  Granted I would do the same at every opportunity.

3:55 – 🙌 THE OG TUPPERWARE!  You love to see it.

Just a note, the ENDO AR-15 stock adapter will fit this too since it’s a GEN1. 😊

6:59 – IS THAT A GEN4 speed loader on the mag? 😩😖

Lipsey’s is a distributer, but you can search for the retailers they supply here if you’re interested – $669 MSRP.