Safe Shoot Is For Hunting Safety But Sounds Like A Shot Timer

Nice promo video:

I’m not big into hunting, but I wasn’t aware that you and your hunting bros just dispersed into the forest and walked around randomly.  Is that how it goes down?  Sounds dangerous, I figured everyone generally stuck together.

One thing I’ll have to say I burst out laughing when I heard is this (embedded at 24 seconds):

ROFL 😂🤣 😬 yea make your “DON’T SHOOT” sound the EXACT same as the sound of a shot timer (which, for those that don’t know signals you to START shooting).  Brilliant, my dudes (NOT).  All that tells me is that someone who is likely more into tech than shooting produced this product.  They literally could have made it any other sound.. a siren, a honk etc..

The unit also looks quite large for being a one-trick-pony.

You can read more about the SysTeM at the Safe Shoot website; $430 for the shooter device, and $370 for the one you can strap on a kid or a dog.

Thoughts?  I foresee that shot timer sound changing REAL quickly.  Why I keep doing this consulting work for free, I’ll never be able to figure out 🤔😂..