Anatomy Of A Boogaloo Boi

LOL Vice actually did a segment on them:

0:35 – I know I bring this up from time to time, but I still don’t get the “WE WON’T COMPROMISE” type bravado, when in fact all these guys do on a daily basis is compromise.  The guy directly across from him literally has a what I’m assuming is a semi automatic with a brace on it.

1:37 – I bet there’s a lot of arthritis, high blood pressure and 1911s in that crowd.

1:41 – He said Unorganized Militia 😏 .. a part of history which I also made into a micro-brand and made a cool logo for a long time ago.

2:09 – Like clockwork, yet another brace.

2:51 – “Clean’er up a lil bit” hahaha

4:11 – Fudd gets up on the mic and puts his 90ft long flitlock under his chin as he’s talking.  Nice…

6:19 – He definitely has “big FORD energy”