Black Owned Gun Shops And African American Gun Association

1:37 – I find it extremely hard to believe that there are only FIVE gun stores in the ENTIRE USA owned by black people.  I guess it could be true, but I’d like to see where she got the data from.

1:59 – As soon as I saw the National African American Gun Association’s acronym was NAAGA I naturally assumed the vice reporter would just say the letters every time, nope. 😂

3:41 – LOL I really wasn’t expecting that joke.  The white dude at 3:50 was like 👀😐.  Stoddard’s actually has my Glock adapter at their range on an auto Glock 17.

6:41 – Good for them for starting NAAGA if they don’t feel like the NRA is including them.  A lot of people saw NRA’s marketing to the African American community as pandering.  I disagree on that, only because I felt very strongly that Colion Noir was a good hire period and I was very vocal about it.  He was the best guy for the job because he worked hard, put out awesome content, was well spoken, educated etc.. for me the color of his skin had absolutely zero to do with why I was always like “NRA has to hire this guy”.  I’m sure most of you already know, but Colion is no longer with the NRA.  I don’t remember the specific reasons why, but he’s talked about it a few times in articles and videos.

I’m really surprised we haven’t been hearing more from the NRA this year, considering it’s an election year and that election is happening like 6 months from now.  I don’t know enough about politics to know if there’s a reason behind that silence.  They were extremely vocal during the Trump / Hillary election.