VODA You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie

As he says “VODA do what VODA Do”… and in this case, it’s re-uploading a lot of his old videos.  There are also some I haven’t seen… but it’s tough to say if I just missed them or if they are AcKSHuLLy new.  Typically I’d do what I call a “Hair line check” on him, but I just don’t have the gusto to collect the data points at the moment.

That’s just a small sample of what he posted in the last few days on his channel.  You could pick any video out, and the Dunning-Kruger effect is painfully overbearing.  This guy really needs to create a full length movie.  Honestly, I guarantee it would be so off the wall… a beautiful tragedy.  He could screen it at Sundance Film Festival and it would be an instant hit.. turning into a cult classic.  This new found attention would no doubt pour gasoline on the already rampant content dumpster fire.