Is Gun Reform In New Zealand Really Working?

VICE documentary warning 😏

2:04 – They definitely have some sort of “no adjustable stocks” rule there judging by the next few pictures.

2:10 – Police say more than 60,000 weapons were turned in and $66M was paid out in total.   I crunched the numbers and that comes out to an average of $1100!  Obviously that number goes down a bit if the # of weapons turned in is higher, but still.. someone getting $1100 for turning in a gun is UN HEARD OF in the US.  Typically gun buybacks in the US, net people $100 – $200 giftcards.  Granted I’m sure guns in New Zealand are likely more expensive to buy in the first place.

2:49 – Shocking *sarcasm*, the gun store store owner said that the government uncertainty made him a lot of money.  That actually does look like a really well stocked store.   Impressive.  The guy is really well spoken too, so that was nice to see.

5:33 – I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m both frightened and intrigued at the same time 🤔.

7:32 – Yea I get it, police don’t like gangs.  However, as always criminals don’t follow laws… so whatever they come up with is going to make absolutely zero difference.

9:14 – They seem like a really nice bunch of people. It’s always heartbreaking when terrorism or crime in general, permanently affects the lives of regular people.