ENDO Tactical Adapter In Action – Modernized C96 Mauser

YouTuber Full Lead Taco puts the ENDO adapter to the test:

Always awesome when someone makes a video!  The glowing reviews never get old either.

You can pick one of the adapters up on ENDO tactical of course, if you’re interested.

3:33 – haha the retired science project backboard stuck in the snow.  Been there…

5:37 – I don’t know about you fellas, but I can’t hit stuff that far shooting Glock without the adapter. 😎. haha oh man that huge red dot on top looks funny.

8:11 – Whoooo!  That’s a nice looking setup with that Suarez mount for the RMR.

8:36 – *Gasp* his buddy said the S word (stock) haha.

Crazy that in this video two of my dealers are talked about: Suarez International and Gunnies.


Gat tip: Ralph