Throwback Fobus Ankle Holster Promo From 2012

~~~~ Vintage ~~~~:

haha some things never change.   The “carry an unloaded weapon and load it up by your ear when you need it most” maneuver is hands down my favorite train like you fight thing from Israel.  Second favorite I’d have to give to the mechanical twisting and turning of the handgun for NO apparent reason.  Good times.


On a related note, thank god Fobus acquired … that .biz in the video is embarrassing.  I’ve probably said this before, but if a damn pharma company didn’t own my .com , then I would without a doubt have it.  I gotta settle with the broke boi long URLs with the descriptors in them -apparel -tactical etc.. 😂. I do legit like everydaynodaysoff even though it’s long.

Gat tip: @idaho_patriot