I Had No Idea Mossberg Makes Handguns

The promo vid for the MC2c compact has me asking “why?”:

Gotta have “THE VOICE” apparently.  At least they didn’t go full-piehitter and use the over the top guy Springfield uses.

My initial thought was “Why does this exist?  I don’t see anything new.” then I remembered a business podcast I was listening to lately that was talking about large markets and how even if there are multiple players in the market essentially doing the same thing, there is still generally money to go around.  Makes sense… there’s not just one grocery store, or one gas station brand etc.  I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there whose favorite brand happens to be Mossberg, and they will put all their Glocks up for sale and buy Mossberg handguns instead.

If you care to dive into the details, you can check out the Mossberg MC2c site.

If you were wondering what the price is… from what I could gather online they are going to be $500 – $600 depending the model.

Thoughts?  You buying this Mossberg M&P? Which by the transitive property of course makes this a Mossberg Glock.