Check Gun Safe For Cat

Important information on someone’s safe:

haha good advice.  Despite the obvious lack of food, water, and oxygen issues inside of a regular gun safe, I also wouldn’t want to be the guy to even forget a cat in there for a couple minutes and then opening the door it would probably fly out like a hellfire missile at you.

Speaking of cats, I just finished making dinner and I think we’re going to watch this on Netflix tonight:

I’m familiar with the story, but apparently Netflix did a good job on this so I figure it’s worth checking out.

Thoughts? Also, is anyone really excited about SHOT this year? I still haven’t been, but I find I’m getting less and less excited every single year. Innovation has been VERY stagnant for the last long time… I really don’t like Las Vegas in the first place, so to fly there to see a bunch of AR-15s with dumb engraving and paint jobs and the usual companies with their usual stuff doesn’t really sound like a good time to me.

Gat tip: SayUncle