Full Velcro Morale Patch Hat

Flatbill piehitters will love it 😬😬😬:



Mojo Tactical sells them for a cool $45.

The 2×3″ velcro where the lads can put their favorite morale patch… I’ll give that type a pass.  This though WOW… I’m literally shaking.  Not really, but wow is this terrible.

The flatbill with no curve is definitely a regional thing, same with when people keep it flat except for flipping up the front.  Some places, you wouldn’t see anyone be caught dead doing either… other’s you feel like you’re missing out for not having the courage to attempt such a look. Now that I think of it, someone really should write a book on the topic. I like a sane persons curve in my hats. You head out to North Dakota and oh you’ll see some curves there but they are almost toilet-paper-roll-radius curves, it’s bananas. I honestly don’t know what’s the worse of the two… over curving or not curving at all.

I truely hope they catch on though, because I can’t wait to visit the range and see more people there looking like the main guy from Cherdleys… but tactical.