VODA Shows Us How To Look Out A Window


0:50 – hahah ok ok VODA’s got jokes today.  I actually agree with him on this for a change, however I think the absolute best case should be a front door camera so you don’t have to physically look.

The Atatiana Jefferson shooting by a police office that he references, is really sad.  I embedded a video below if you want to get up to speed:

Very terrible situation all around.  Being a police officer would be such a rough job… it seems like the only way the public would be happy in a lot of these situations would be it if was shown that a shot was first fired by the other person.  Even then, it would be picked apart and doubt would be applied to every single action of the police officer.  I’m not sure how this problem can be solved moving forward… all I do know is it’s definitely not making things better by news outlets like CNN focusing on color – “a WHITE police officer KILLED A BLACK girl”.