Plugs To Keep The Shape Of Your AR-15 Brace Is Peak ATF Trolling

Oh man people really push the limits haha:

From the website:

The Devoid plug for the SB Tactical CZPDW Stabilizer brace. Use the Devoid to support the shape of the brace and keep it clean when it is not in use around your arm. The Devoid also adds internal support to the brace and allows you to use the brace with your arm through the strap on the side of the brace instead of only through the middle, this allows SB tactical braces to be used in a similar manner to how the SBP Blade stabilizer functions. This is much more comfortable while still offering good support and stability. Our Devoid plugs are 3d printed from TPU, a nearly indestructible rubberlike plastic.

hahah. The company that makes them is Dirty J Designs.  The 3D printing looks kind of rough as opposed to injection molding, but for $20 I’m sure they will “do the job” for those that have a job that needs to be done.


Gat tip: Spencer