Noveske Makes A Weird Video With Aliens To Jump On The Bandwagon

Everyone wants on that “Area 51 raid” bandwagon:

Anything to clean stupidity out of the gene pool out a bit is a good thing in my opinion.  So far I’ve seen a few dozen decent memes on the topic.  It’s one of those things where someone just goes into there “templates” folder, and fills the blanks in with “area 51″ and aliens” and boom there are some new jokes. Some people went above and beyond and knocked out of the park though.

The 9mm “Space invader pistol” Noveske is pushing in the video starts at $2550 without a suppressor.  It’s really nice looking, but it continues to blow my mind how many new guns are seemingly being manufactured and sold every day.  We know people aren’t wearing the old ones out and disposing of them… I’m just surprised the current guns don’t just get passed around on the aftermarket more.  I could see being all hyped up to buy something new, if some new technology emerged.  I would be one of the first people in line… but as far as just endless slightly different AR15s and subguns go, I’m beyond bored.