President Of Turkmenistan Wilding Out With His Military

1:15 – I caught the vibes tbh.

The music then turns to trash, but the content gets ramped up.

1:46 – Nothing like a vehicle entry where you go feet first through the window into the front seat.

1:49 – Putting dudes out of the smashed windows is another maneuver I enjoy as well.

1:57 – Tactical golf cart time with a suppressed Tavor.  Naturally all hits.

2:15 – Drop-leg holstered pistol on the mountain bike time… a personal favorite of mine.  Where do I get an olive drab mountain bike like that?  Gotta ask for the Turkmenistan package by name next time I need a bike I suppose.  haha that recoil is severe.  Looks like an air gun though haha.  All the guys have to act really impressed.

2:52 – He’s out in the choppa.


Gat tip: Matthew