Forward Charging AR-15 Upper Because It’s A Free Country I Guess

I know I repeatedly ask for innovation in the gun industry.  This isn’t what I meant:

Apparently “so you don’t have to take your eyes off the target when clearing spent or misfired ammunition” is the biggest selling feature.  Fair enough, but unless your AR is jamming up a lot, then taking your eyes briefly off the target after 30 rounds I wouldn’t think would be that much of an issue for presumably who their customer base is… guys who shoot their guns once or twice a month (ABSOLUTE MAX) if their wife or girlfriend hasn’t already made plans for them.  Buying one of these will likely get the coveted “Oh… interesting” from their group of friends though, so there’s that.  If you continue to watch the video you’ll see this sYsTeM uses a modified gas tube and gas key as part of the assembly.  The entire upper is $795 on the Advantage Arms website, or for those want the DIY kit it’s $300 (everything but the barrel and bolt carrier group). I probably should write a sheepdog fan fiction about all of this; it’s going on the list.

6:20 – LOL when he charges it on his belt 😭😂