Gundershirt To Stop Concealed Handgun Chafing

Oh man… sometimes I wish we could go back to the time of strictly leather holsters and wheel guns.  Check this out:

Yup… that IS what the name implies.

The cringy promo video, in case you haven’t already seen enough:

The name Gundershirt is cool and all… ya sure I guess it’s somewhat of a shirt, but I’m guessing they only called it that because Gunderwear was already taken 😏.  Even the material is more underwear-like than shirt-like. Imagine NEEDING your gun immediately to save your life, so you quickly lift up your shirt to get at it… but then you also have to remove some gun panties off of it. Like I always say… train like you fight. You better be taking that thing to the range, dry fire practicing at home etc. with it until you’re so good you wore holes through an ENDO’s dozen (14) of these gundershirt gun panties because you’ve been training so hard.

I can’t believe this video and product has been out since at least Nov 12, 2018 and only came across my radar now.  Incredible haha.

Thoughts?  You picking one up so you don’t get unsightly redness from chafing on your Sheepdog ponch?