Scientific Approach to Shooting For Only The Most Intelligent

FUNKER TACTICAL cut another SLAPPER for only the most intelligent shooters.  If you’re a rube, or you don’t have a minimum of a masters degree then don’t even click on the video below.  Honestly I wish I could set up some sort of a verification process, where a notarized copy of your degree could be uploaded for me to verify, before I gave you access to this video.  hahha just trollling you guys, check the vid:

So wild… the narration… the footage.  The marketing machine is running full speed at Funker, I love it.  Maybe I’m the only one entertained by this stuff, I don’t know.  I’ve blogged about Todd Fossey before, and his “data mining“.

8:14 – This is the type of stuff I do at home to make my girlfriend laugh.  But then I typically OVER do it and, she’s like “OK MIKE ahhaha THAT’S ENOUGH, I GET IT”.  I should probably start a training school.

Here’s the “trailer” for his school (Integrated Defense Strategies)… there’s talk about flock watching which piqued my interested naturally because I LIVE and breathe for that kind of talk.  And as he says “it’s not something I can explain to you, it’s something I have to show you”

If any of you want to do a cRedEnSHuLs check of Todd Fossey he has his and his team’s listed here on the website.  I’m not going to try and act like I know what goes into becoming an NRA certified firearms instructor, because I don’t… NRA Range Safety officer… again I have no idea but I bet it involves (at a minimum) telling people to keep their “booger finger off the bang switch”, I’ve never even heard of “NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor”, it’s a long-ass title that sounded fake to me… but I just googled it and it checks out.

Thoughts? I sould pay Funker to make one of these videos for me someday (if he would stoop to that level). It would have to really stroke the hell out of my ego for the $10k he probably charges though… like I’m talking the narration would need to be so over the top, but completely straight faced that viewers would be like “Wait… I can’t tell if this is serious or not… is it? Ugh man I don’t know but whatever ENDO is selling here, give me 5 of them.”.