Big Yikes Springfield Armory And Their Content Driven Lifestyle Website

Thankfully I had to see this elsewhere on the internet, because most big companies no longer send me “pReSs RELeAsEs” to shit on:

This is the full cringe press release, if you can bear it.  It’s bad:

GENESEO, ILL. – Springfield Armory announces the launch of its first-ever content-driven lifestyle website, The Armory Life. The site provides firearms-focused video content, industry insight, and articles with expert commentary on a wide range of topics from home defense, concealed carry, survival, training tips, situational awareness, and preparation. The platform is a one stop shop for both entertainment and education, for those who live “The Armory Life”.

With a focus on delivering fresh and engaging content, Springfield Armory set out to create a unique website experience for the firearms enthusiast. “There is a lot of uncertainty with existing popular social media and video platforms and their stance on firearms. Our experience in navigating the social media landscape encouraged us to create a safe space for gun-related content, free from anti-gun political bias,” explained Springfield Armory VP of Marketing Steve Kramer. “This content won’t run the risk of being silenced.”

Heading up The Armory Life as Managing Editor is Clay Martin, a USMC Scout Sniper and retired Green Beret from 3rd SFG, published author, and well-respected gun writer. Martin will be managing a large team of content creators from across the firearms industry to provide a diverse cross-section of videos and articles for readers to enjoy. “This is a lifestyle we all love and we are excited to provide a daily content platform that embraces the passion of the firearms community”.

On top of all this they are running the site on … they don’t appear to own .   I shouldn’t be that surprised considering Springfield chooses to run their main company website on yes that’s a cringy dash… even though they own (they just redirect that to the dashed url) I don’t know guys, whatever I guess.  Trust me when I say that if a big pharmaceutical company didn’t already own since before I graduated high school and started this company, I would own it.

If you’ve used the internet for more than a week and get a chance to check out thearmorylife, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be in agreement with me that the site is WAYYYYYYYYY too flashy and way too… 🤔 what I can only describe as “big boned”, for no good reason, detracting from the actual content and making it basically unusable for more than a couple minutes.  They no doubt paid someone thousands upon thousand of dollars for this site, which is unfortunate because if we’re being real it should be deleted and redone immediately.

Unfortunately I’m sure we’ll see more of this type of site since YouTube is becoming more and more anti-gun.  So far everyone that has tried, has either failed or is still around and hasn’t made the necessary changes to make it actually usable.  Actually, the only one that’s still around as far as I know is Full30.  No one I watch on YouTube talks about that site anymore, but I check there with hope every now and then to see if my 2014 criticisms were addressed… they haven’t been.  If Full30 is making big bucks with their current model, and the people love it then they should just keep just being them.  It never matters what I say, I just offer my advice and thoughts up for free and hey if the guys who make the decisions want to use them, then they can use them, if they don’t then there’s no love lost (on my end of things anyways).


Gat tip: SPQRzilla