Barrel Blizzard For Precision Rifle Shooting BruThErs

Fire up those 1996 era computer fans and cool the shit out of your barrel:

Maaaaannnnnn if you pair this with the old school Cool Mag and Cool Fins, you’ll be able to do 0.000000012 MOA groups at 6.2 mi.

0:33 – “Point them back at your self as a personal fan” hahah *laughs in mtn dew and vodka sweat*

You better get your ass over to the Barrel Cool website and pick one up for $75 quickly before the sale is over and they go back up to $90. Don’t forget that USB battery too, or else you’ll be stuck at the range trying to jury rig some sort of cigarette adapter adapter from your FDE Tacoma or Punisher Edition JšŸ’€šŸ’€P.