Protect Your Life With Ammo Armor Bruther

BIG YIKES fellas… big yikes.  This Kirkland brand Daniel Craig shows you how it’s done.  A protector cover… for something that won TWO WORLD WARS:

ahahha I saw this next promo video after I made that Daniel Craig joke:

Here’s what they look like up close, just so you know.  Let it sink in:

This is one of those things that when a marketing picture was sent to me I was like “Oh hahah man people are really funny with photoshop.”  then I googled it and was floored 😳😭😂.  I shit you not… Ammo Armor makes these for like every single magazine.

Thoughts?  Who’s going to be the first to ACKSHULLY me… talking about how your pockets are literally overflowing with lint because your mom (but you’ll say girlfriend) washes your 5.11 pants with your flannel jammies and her wool socks – and these Ammo armor things will definitely save your life.

I gotta ask though… what if your magazine protector gets damaged?  Does anyone make a rubber shock absorber perhaps to protect the ammo armor?  That’s a free business idea for one of you enterprising piehitters.