Marine Brad Iceman Colbert Talks About The Transition From Active Duty To Civilian Life

Not having served in the military myself, I see these types of videos and on one hand feel like I missed out on the experience… but on the other hand I don’t think I ever was cut out for most of what it involves.  The combat related jobs anyways.  Sure, University isn’t “easy” (it wasn’t for me anyways), you don’t just pay some money then end up with a few degrees.  It’s work.  But it’s definitely not even remotely comparable to waking up every morning, hoping you can stay safe another day and eventually make it home, not to mention relying on and putting your trust in a lot of people help make that happen.  I know the psychological impact of the “what if?” part alone would eat me up.

This video was put on my radar by an ENDO reader who was like “Iceman is rocking ENDO! Check it out.”  So badass, always nice to see anyone in the shirts doing their thing.

Related note: I don’t know how many of you have seen HBO’s Generation Kill (it’s incredible, and based on a true story). Iceman is played by Alexander Skarsgård. Seriously if you haven’t watched that mini series, but it to the top of your list.

Gat tip: flecktarn