Magazine For Magazines A Pez Dispenser For The AR-15


haha he has a Call Of Duty JEEP Rubicon.  Definitely pros and cons of the Pez dispenser like he says… the one con I can see is the fact that you’re introducing a potential point of failure (that wasn’t there before) into your loadout.  The magazine Pez dispenser jams and all of the sudden you have no magazines at all until you take it off of your back and hopefully open it up while you’re getting shot at… great 😬.

The company that makes these things is called AmmoBack.  $650 for the backpack one.  Seems steep, but if it’s a life changer / life saver for you then money well spent.

I laughed when the guy in the video kept saying “BRUTHER” unironically. I know that’s actually a thing… but I don’t see it much in my day to day life. For me in mainly exists in my Sheepdog fan fiction.

When he takes it out of the case at 9:01 my initial thought was – someone is definitely going to save themselves $650 and make one of these things and post the plans… it’s so damn simple.


Gat tip: Doyle and everyone else who sent it in