Romy G Eminem Without Me Parody From TheAKguy

haha Brandon keeps stoking the fire with new content.  He set fire to the booth on this one:

The flow is actually on point, I’m legit impressed / very surprised.  His new instagram is @TheRealBrandonHerrera , I’m not sure why his old one got nuked… but half the time the people themselves don’t even know because it’s all so vague.  Maybe they thought he was selling guns on the platform and it violated the TOS?

Oh man the James Reeves (@GunShorts) cameo at the start is pure gold.  Since he’s using IG on the iPad I will mention how much I despise that in 2019 they still have not come out with an iPad specific app.


Sorry I’ve been slow on posting lately guys, I’ve been working on getting a bunch of new stickers, shirts and patches up on ENDO, along with tweaking the design of the site a bit.