Brandon Shoots The Shit Digs A Hole Buries An AK For A Month

Just a casual video from the AK guy himself:

2:20 – LOL the offering.  I died 😂 Good looking AK, that’s for sure.

2:46 – This is probably a stupid question, but is it legal to just bury an NFA item and walk away for a month? I guess as long as no one found it and dug it up?

3:18 – Oh shit one month later and he’s rocking the Brass Bandit!

6:42 – ahhhhhhh nooooo he’s actually going to do it with regular glasses on and no other protection.

11:46 – NFA TAX t-shirt!  That’s one that I’m low on stock on… I’ll be brining it back soon though so get on the notification list.

The long range AK video he talks about at the end should be interesting.

Thoughts?  I’m a sucker for anything torture test related, whether it’s food or burying it etc.