VODA Out Here Doing The Lord’s Work Training People

Yikes, guys… BIG YIKES:

“Working on shooting mechanics” is what he calls the video.  It’s basically 17 minutes of him trying to impress those two ladies, all while having them “shoot” him with the laser trainers.  He has a real handgun he points at them during all of this because he’s a professional.

2:58 – Talking about how “science” says anything you can’t see doesn’t actually exist until you see it.  He was definitely proud of that one because he knew it would make them think “whoa this guy is incredibly intelligent…”.

He gets into a lot more advanced stuff which is just way too much for a beginner shooter.  At 10:04 he even asks the one lady if she’s comfortable and she say “eeeeeeh so so” because obviously she isn’t…  but whatever this isn’t important it’s all about flexing his knowledge.

11:34 – oh man I burst out laughing when he was like like “I just come over Ahhhh YEsssss yeeSSssss” like a tactical Jafar.  Then the tactical mic drop moment at 12:08 where he confidently slams the gun back into the kydex.

12:50 – LOL same voice “You will trust that your weapon system will work.  It IS your guardian angel yes?”

13:24 – “no no no no no… Relax.. you’re fighting it.  Remember we just talked about it right?”   VODA… smh… I’m sure you say that you ALL the girls.

15:54 – “by aggressively moving forward on him… if that means putting the gun to his chest and blowing his heart out that, you do it.  Because he’s not expecting that.  For him it’s an opportunity, for you it’s life or death.  Make him pay.”  Yikes… the prosecution will love that one.  Then of course he gets them to push the gun against his chest too.

I can’t believe how invested is his own bullshit VODA is.  It’s incredible.  I NEED to take one of his classes undercover-style… I say undercover because I’m pretty sure if he knew it was me taking the class, there’d be an unfortunate negligent discharge.