Giffords Anti-Gun Organization Rates States On Their Gun Laws

In case you’re getting tired of living somewhere with “the best gun laws”:

You might want to look into the states with the worst gun laws according to them.  I’d take this all with a grain of salt though, I couldn’t easily see where they got their numbers from.  Regardless, if they aren’t going to break the numbers down into categories it makes me really not even care.  So in Oregon for instance (Ranked #14 for best gun laws) there were 12.1 gun deaths per 100k people.  Ok so?  How many of these were justified?  How many of these were done by criminals? How many were accidental?  How many were suicides?  How many are as a result of police officers doing their job? etc… Those are all extremely important questions, because without having the answers those rankings are working with inflated numbers and are basically useless. We run into this type of thing time and time again with anti-gun groups.