Shooting An AR-15 With Your Index Finger Is So Last Year

This is how the woke people in 2019 are doing it.  Try and catch up SwEaTy 💅:

$1350 on the Iron Horse firearms website for an entire thumb operated rifle.  Here’s what they say the advantages are:

The TOR model has several advantages over traditional trigger implementations, allowing shooters maximum control by employing the strongest digit on the hand. Additionally force applied to the trigger is inline with the shooters center of aim, opposed to traditional left or light error common with traditional trigger pull.

  • Shortened learners curve for new shooters
  • Increased dexterity in cold weather conditions
  • Trigger guard completely encases the trigger which eliminates the chance of snagging the trigger in brush or dense vegetation
  • Alternative to standard trigger design for disabled shooters

I’ll just take their word for it.  It’s a double edged sword I guess… I did keep asking for “innovation” in this industry.  That said… user ebxt6 in the Instagram comments said this was a 100 year old idea from Winchester… Sure enough, I had to look no further than industry OG Big Larry Pimpin Potterfield: