How To Sell Out In The Gun Industry

Funker Tactical has some content:

It’s true.  They say the if your blog has “gun reviews” you get 1.6billion times more visitors than if it doesn’t.  Researching ‘why?’ sounds a lot like work, but I’m guessing because normies search google for cringey stuff like “Sig Sauer Tread Review” and “Taurus TX Review” etc.  Lucky I don’t care about views or getting free stuff.  Someday (we have discussed this in the comments in the past) I might flip the script and offer things like “I think your product is dumb, but if you pay me I’ll run a ironic promo for it” in response to emails… and just offer make up a big shitpost on the product (if I actually don’t like it).  You guys will know if/when I do that though, because it will be a train wreck and I’ll try to cut you in on the deal somehow with free product or something.  I think you’d be surprised at the amount of companies that have a sense of humor and be down for that… it wouldn’t be a lot but it would be more than you’d expect.  I bet if I lined up 100 sheephitters at SHOT and showed them my Sig Sauer Tread promo criticisms for instance, a good portion would want to punch me in the face because they strongly identify with the messaging, another portion would be like “I’ve never heard of that until now, but can you please get your neckbeard-having-mountain-dew-ass-breath-cheeto-fingers shoving an iPad in my face away from me?  SECURITY!”, and the remainder would feel it at their core like “HELL YA BRUTHER.  Where do I swipe my card to buy one?”.  Sig wins in every possible outcome.

Thoughts?  I feel like FuNkEr has been a little slow with the content lately.  I was thinking about that while blogging the other day, and was like I hope that dude is alright.  *shrug* We content creators (I’m lumping myself in that group for max cringe) need time off though too.  I’ll allow it.