Franklin Armory Makes A Sneaky Double Action AR-15

haha this is cool, but also not cool at the same time:

I can’t find anymore information on the Franklin Armory website.  In the Youtube description it says:

A whole new action type that fires one round every time the trigger is pulled, but this action is not semiautomatic.  Providence was inspired by the demand for a non-semiautomatic carbine in international markets. Get that money.

Oh man, I skimmed the comments on the above video, and it brought me to the below video.  Looks like there was some Franklin Armory x InRangeTV beef / DRAaaaaaaaama from the 2018 show:

haha I live for this messy gun drama.  I found the InRangeTV video from last year, and sure enough the audio continues for several minutes after the interview is seemingly over, but the video doesn’t.  Yea I agree that’s kind of a sly move, but this is a trade show, it’s not like InRangeTV took this rep to Dave & Busters got him sauced up then recorded him talking about the rifle… no, he was at the largest show in the industry at the booth saying this stuff.  The InRangeTV video from this year is just Karl politely saying that Franklin Armory wouldn’t talk to them.