Dangerous Freedom or Peaceful Slavery?

This woman is getting a boudoir fit off, talking that 2nd amendment talk:

Like a thotty Thomas Jefferson posted up in a Super8 motel bathroom with the Samsung phone on record.  This popped up in my “recommended videos”😂

Oh man the fact the video is a whole minute and a half blows my mind… I kept thinking the whole time “Hmmmm 🤔 where is this going exactly…”

Thots? Thoughts? There are another couple “interesting” videos on her channel, including one of her thanking a Tucson police officer for his service and he’s like “Uhhhh what exactly are you doing” to which she replies: “I’m just filming the lights.” Then you can tell he’s thinking, whatever I’m sorry I asked and he gets back in his car. Quality content from her you should be thankful you’re getting for free.