Premium-ass Exclusive Pateron Content From FuNkER TaCtiCaL

Damn I heard the electronic noise, the explosion, more electronic noise, and a shell casing drop in the intro all while looking at the words EXCLUSIVE and PATERON, and FuNkEr TaCtiCaL and I knew it was going to be some premium-ass content:

Holy, I can’t believe they gave us that for free without even contributing to their pAteRoN *sarcasm*.  In fUnKeR’s defense, everyone has been beating a dead tactics content horse for a Looooooooong time.  These videos just come in different shapes and sizes now… sometimes it’s a fat guy in a polo shirt saying the same thing,  maybe it’s a guy on Instagram who wears skinny jeans spikes his hair moves like a robot and has biblical stuff in his bio, maybe it’s a “relatable cool mom”.  It’s all the same.  Oh well /rant off.. fellas, these are the hazards of shitposting. I gotta comb through to find only the shittiest content to aggregate or I’m not doing my job.