Guy On A Treadmill At The Shooting Range Controversial Post

The fact this post was seemingly “CoNtrOveRsiAL” on instagram was surprising to me:

I think you guys know by now that I don’t really hero worship.  Nor do I know the entire history of everyone in the training and shooting community, and their often decades worth of military experience.  I appreciate the service, I just only have so much room in my brain and I can tell you that very little of it is occupied by information on people I don’t know and will never know.  Someone sends me a blurry video of a guy in a fishing vest on a treadmill… I watch it and go “heh”, impressed that he hit all the targets and I thought it was “heh” funny enough to make a post because he actually brought the treadmill to the range, found a place to plug it in and decided to shoot off of it.  I had no idea at all who this guy was, but in the CaRRyTrAiNeR post about it, it mentioned his name was “Dave Harrington“.  I googled his name and got that Panty-oh link.  I read it and thought to myself “Impressive credentials” then I moved on with my life.  It didn’t make the juxtaposition of the treadmill at the shooting range any less funny.

Like 90.3% of the comments on Instagram and guys letting me know it’s “Super Dave”.  If you could leave a comment here to also let me know it’s “Super Dave” or “Dave Harrington”, or maybe even cut and paste his credentials I would be very grateful haha.  Oh and bonus points if you can flex that you know Super Dave… drop me an anecdote in the comments like a few others did on IG… I especially liked this one “Super-Dave is a great guy. Fortunate to know him. It was actually his birthday last Friday.” from stevebainton94 haha FLEXXXXXXXXX.

I sometimes wonder if other industries are like this one.  Like for instance say I’m hanging out with a bunch of engineers that work in tech… specifically we’ll say Intel.  Then I’m like “Any of you guys see that new ipad pro yet?  I can’t believe they still haven’t been able to design / manufacture a damn ipad without a camera bump… I mean like come on!”  Would one of the Intel engineers be like “UH FIRST OF ALL YOU BETTER CHECK YOUR TONE.  Not only is Jony Ive the greatest of all time, but Sam Tranoff and Bentley McDonagole (made up names for the purpose of this story) who are in charge of optics and camera housing design NOW spent 12 years at Harvard, and other 7 years each at MIT, only to go on to get janitorial jobs at Apple then work their way up through the ranks to lead of optics and camera housing design.  So Yeah I think they know a bit more than you, and the bump is there because it should be, not because it has to be.”

Thoughts?  Unexpectedly CoNtrOveRsiAl? I thought so.  It has been a weird Wednesday fellas, let me tell you.