Concealed Carry Fashion Show Will Teach You A Thing About Purse Carry

Oh man, this is why I love VICE.  Pure 👏 GOLD 👏:

You just know a lot of the people in that video have recently asked their high school aged son or daughter if they have ever heard of a “meme” (but they definitely pronounced it “me me”).

1:24 – Oh no 😬 *hold my Metamucil and watch this*

1:36 – Shout out Amy “Alexo” Robbins.  AKA “Amy with the good hair”.  Her merch is on point, and definitely poppin right now 💯.  I might mess around and go full Instructor Zero, decreasing my drag coefficient by wearing some of those pants someday.  You never know when I might bless the timeline and throw a flick up 📸.

2:34 – This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. This Hiding Hilda lady shoots through her purse, PUTS A HOLE IN THE CEILING then goes on to say “the important part is if you’re going to shoot through a purse, aim the firearm not the purse.  That’s where the mistakes rise” 😂😭.  A tale in two frames stitched into an animated gif:

2:50 – She said that someone shot their eye out with a bra holster, and another person supposedly shot their nipple off.  I don’t know whether it’s true or not but it’s throwing HELLA SHADE at flashbang holsters and/or others doing that same thing.  Alright Shotty McRange-Baffles whatever you say 😏, I really don’t know what to believe.