Featureless Slide For Glocks A Choose Your Own Adventure For Piehitters

A blank canvas for MoLoN LaBe, III% sauce, and numerous punisher skulls:

☝️ this is going to be a problem haha.  As you know I’m proudly team-stock-Glock, however I know a lot of you guys like the FLaiR and boost in social status that a Guccified Glock gives you.  I’m not mad at it, I got love for you either way.

Victory First makes these and they start at $200.

I should have known the overdone slide market would eventually crest, then the wave of “I need my overdone slide to be overdone differently than yours” would hit.  Man I’m so late sometimes, 20/20 hindsight you know?  Featureless slides are the new bitcoin.

Thoughts?  You going to cop one and get something the prosecution will absolutely love cut into it?  Yasss absolutely go off.