LifeCard With A Suppressor

For some reason it didn’t even cross my mind this could be done:

LifeCard is on the long list of places that have contacted me in the past (wanting some of that ENDO sauce AKA that otherwise unattainable boost juice 💦💦💦).  They didn’t even do their damn research so I pointed that out first and foremost (shaming him HERE where I lobbed about them previously).  He said he actually only started following ENDO in December of 2017, and that post was September 2017 (very specific memory but I’ll allow it considering ENDO is the 9/11 of blogs… both in the sense that it’s an atrocity and that you remember where you were and what you were doing before you first came thru).  Since I have it all backwards, and I refuse (currently) to take payout money or product for posts the interaction ended after the standard pleasantries.

Thoughts?  Would you suppress one of these “this is my safety sir” pocket specials?