Creating Content Because You’re Getting Paid To Is The Worst

Hmmmm… see my commentary below:

I find I’m really not enjoying these “lets be cute and make a relatable parody type thing” videos as much as I used to.  This must be the general consensus on the internet because I noticed a lot of channels that used to put out this type of content exclusively, completely stopped.

Oh I see… I just realized at the end once those two dudes came on screen… this was “SpOnSoReD” by X-SHOT, which I’m assuming makes the knockoff NERF guns you see in the video.  Painful.  I truly hope the internet goes through a Renaissance where people start doing things for sport and their own entertainment again.  There is absolutely nothing worse in my eyes than sponsored content shills.  If you guys only knew the number of emails per week I got about “Hey can you do a review on our product ______” and “My clients want links from your site to theirs ______” and ones like “Hey, can I write some free articles for your blog that I think might be of interest to your readers?”.  NO. NO. NO. Stop… just stop. Please.  It’s bad enough that money ruined all the gun blogs I personally liked with ads, and sponsored content, links on keywords in the content to pages pushing you to buy stuff etc… I’ll be damned if I let that happen to my blog.  Oh and the most insulting email I get on a regular basis is when someone tells me how “educational and well written” my blog is.  I just want to reply like “no… brAh… come on seriously?  Did you even take 30 seconds to scan a few posts?  Did you?  Maybe next time save yourself the embarrassment and actually do that, because I’ll have you know sir that as a rule I DO NOT create educational and well written content, and take offense to the fact you’d suggest I do anything other than shitpost.  GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR.”