VODA Shows Love To Hamas And Hezbollah And Releases New Information

Yes you read that correctly, and I didn’t photoshop that.  That’s from his GuNfiGhTeR’s ThiNk TaNk blog post – “Where I Been“.. I’m assuming he meant “Where I’VE Been” but whatever ENDO isn’t exactly Mavis Beacon meets Grammarly either so I’ll let it slide.

Oh and you thought that was all he had for us?  Click through the link above and start at the top… the pictures are pure gold, and here are the highlights as far as the writing goes.

He apologizes to his “millions of fans”:

I want to apologize for the millions of people around the world that log on every day to read, learn and share vodalogic articles but haven’t found anything new.

Whoever is hot right now in the gun world… your reign at the top is OVER when VODA finishes up this project he working on:

This project is the biggest project that I have ever had to do in my entire life and while it is fun it is also extremely time consuming. But I will say this when it is done – VODA and its affiliates will be the hottest thing ever in the Gun Game (like VODA never was).

You know VODA… always on secret training ops, instructing special forces groups and members of the military.  Oh and just wait until he fixes what’s wrong with Chicago.  They’ll make him the mayor there.

I will be in Dallas, TX administering training to a very special group sometime this month. You know who you are. I will also be in Chicago, IL training some of the realist killers that the US ARMY and USMC ever produced. Lets take our city back.

He’s TM’ing a bunch of NevA BiN DoNe BeFo word combinations and releasing two new books… one with 500+ pages, and the other which will be limited distribution… yea you don’t have to read between the lines to know you’re probably not operator enough to even catch a glimpse of the VODA BLACK BOOK™️ , never mind having the OPPORTUNITY to purchase it.

The Occult Gun-Fighter and The Civilian Operator™ book also known as the “Black Book™” will not be available to everyone.

I know there’s a lot to unpack there.  Oh and is it just me, or is VODA transforming more and more into Young Jeezy every day?  Google images proof:

I wish VODA would spit some 🔥 bars at the end of every video.  If there was a gun industry halloween party, I definitely wouldn’t go but in my head I would come up with badass costume ideas like VODA in Young Jeezy cosplay.  I’d walk in the part and Future / Young Thug “All da Smoke” would be playing and Larry Vickers would fake crip-walk up to me double fisting beers he just picked up and be like “OH SHIT WHATUP DAWG? ROFL Is that VODA in YOUNG JEEZY cosplay?” then he’d hand me a beer and we’d go find Costa and troll him about airsoft in japan, egging him on to drop it to tha floor like he did in the video, when the party DJ plays that Lil John song.


Gat tip: Kyle