Making Mistakes Gets A Lot Of Eyes On Your Gun Related Video

Picatinny Arsenal know how to play the game to get the views:

From the video description:

The Army has begun fielding the new 5.56mm 30 round Improved Magazine that delivers a significant increase in reliability for the battle-tested M16 and M4 weapons systems. Bolstering the already high reliability ratings of the M16/M4 systems, the Improved Magazine effectively reduces the risk of magazine-related stoppages by more than 50 percent compared to the older magazine variants. Identified by a tan-colored follower, over 500,000 of the improved magazines have been fielded to units in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the U.S.

There are a few things I would tweak…. they definitely should have called the magazine a “clip”, rather then putting 30 round they should have put “30 bullet”, oh and 5.56mm should have been 5.56 inch.