Why Do Press Checks? Is The Gun Still Loaded Immediately After You Check?

Better check again. Cool Mom Beth Alcazar tells you (not me, because I don’t care 😂) why:

If there’s one thing I know about press checks, it’s that the people that love them also LOVE to continually do them.  They love the sound a press check makes, and they love the low key aspect of preforming one because it doesn’t really look like they did anything… but in their minds THEY DID EVERYTHING, and they can smugly bask in the fact that most people didn’t even know what was just accomplished.  The educated press checkers in their minds, treat it as an exercise in theoretical quantum mechanics… because how do really know what state the firearm is in?  The press check you just preformed yield the result of “yes the chamber is loaded”… but is the gun still loaded when you can no longer see a bullet in the chamber? 🤔 It’s like a modified Schrödinger’s cat experiment, where the “poison” is the piehitter’s shitty short term memory.  This seems like something I’d make a t-shirt about… I would be so gassed up on how clever it was, I would absolutely nail the design… then I’d release it and get a bunch of emails asking for the explanation and barely anyone would actually buy it 😂😭.  I’d like to think I’ve learned my lesson and will stop making esoteric references on t-shirts, but we all know that’s never going to happen.