SIG Really Catering To The Piehitters And SheepDogs With The Commemorative P320 M17

CoMmeMOrAtIvE oNLy FiVe ThOUsAnD MaDe:

Man, like I said in the title I bet the piehitters and the sheepdogs are going to LOVE this thing.  LOL comes in a cardboard box “JUST LIKE THE ARMY CONTRACT” and if you contact them they will send you a challenge coin with your serial number on it, and a certificate of authenticity signed by the CEO.  ROFL 😂😭 I literally cannot.  Oh and it gets better, you can purchase that wooden display case that has a cuttout for the pistol, the coin and the certificate… just in case you ever happen to have a girl over that you want to impress.

Here’s a video talking about the differences between the white bread P320 and the upgraded M17:

Thought?  You fellas throwing your money at the screen for this one?