Vigilant Spectre Built A Walk In Gun Vault

Holy, this is really nice:

7:37 – All that security and he has a glassblock window?  I realize there’s that hardened steel grate over there, but doesn’t that very much compromise the total security of the room?  Couldn’t some criminal just back a truck up into that and smash it into the room?  Smash the window, hook something around the bars and pull them outside with a truck or something? I’m no expert but I think I would have just filled that window area up with concrete, and pile dirt up on the outside to make it look like nothing was there.

Maybe I’m just a bit more paranoid than the average person, but I’m really not into showing my guns (and how I store them) off on the internet to people I don’t personally know.  That said, I don’t have an active YouTube channel where I care about views.  I also don’t have as many guns, or store them in any sort of cool way… so there’s that too 🤔😭