VODA Deleted All His Videos But One

We knew this was going to happen… still sad tho.

No mention of the mass deletion on his fake-woke shitpost blog “ThE GuNfiGhTeR’s ThiNk TanK”.  The title of the only video that remains (embedded above): “Film Choreography Directors Cut”.  Naturally there s a lot of bad advice in this (take headshots etc..).  Oh and contrary to his usual “I DON’T USE BLUE GUNS” mantra, he’s using fake guns (SIRT laser) in this.  So off brand bro, ugh… like do you even train like you fight?  Apparently not  🙄🙄🙄.

7:23 – Man man’s rocking the drop leg like a tru operator.  Respect…. oh wait at 9:11 you can see he’s rocking TWO drop leg holsters.  I just lost my damn mind.

Thoughts?  I’m hoping he just temporarily hid his videos.  If not, I’m sure some of you have them all saved for posterity.  I know I have a few in the old VODA folder to get me through times like this.